Nov 142016

Ladies Think You're Good In Bed? This Might Change Your Mind

I want to ask you a question today.  It’s a little weird, but VERY important.

It’s a question Cassidy Lyon asked me when she was running surveys for research on her new Stroke of Genius (SOG) program (learn more about SOG at

Here’s exactly what she asked me:

“If you could be a fly on the wall and hear every guy you’ve ever slept with HONESTLY rate how you were in bed, would you want to hear it?”

Yikes!  I dunno.  I mean I’m already pretty self-conscious about all that stuff as it is.  I try to be REALLY good and I’ve had plenty of compliments from the men I’ve been with, but to get their HONEST feedback.  That’s a lot scarier because I already know guys lie about that stuff a lot.

I followed up with Cassidy and she brought up this concept of “Illusory Superiority”.

Basically what that means is people tend to overestimate their abilities in things they really aren’t that great at (which totally made her original question even more terrifying!).

Cassidy cited a study where people were asked about their driving skills and 93% of them rated their driving skills as “above average”.  We already know that CAN’T be true because statistically speaking if 50% is average than only 49% of people can actually be above-average drivers because the other half would be below-average drivers.  Know what I’m saying?

It definitely proves her point though: humans often think they are better at things than they really are.

And that’s exactly what Cassidy found when she interviewed men and women about a certain “sexual skill”.  She found that woman after woman GROSSLY overestimated her ability to give a man pleasure in this certain way – a way many men say they would rather be with a woman who knew how to do THIS than with a sex pot “supermodel” who didn’t.

You can find out what that one sexual skill is by watching the video over at Cassidy’s website.

It’s pretty crazy because the video starts off with one of the most incredible, horrifying, and embarrassing stories I’ve ever heard a woman tell in public and ends with Cassidy changing the lives of thousands and thousands of women and men!

Totally worth checking out!

3 Foods And Spices That Reverse Diabetes

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Sep 302015

Seeds And Nuts For Reversing DiabetesIf you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do in the privacy of your own home to reverse or, at the very least, mitigate the symptoms of the disease. And, in fact, there is! This Diabetes Destroyer review has the juicy details!

You see, up until very recently, it was thought by the vast majority of medical professionals that diabetes was a lifetime sentence which necessitated varying degrees of medical treatment to control. However, a slew of recent research conclusively demonstrates simple dietary adjustments can radically diminish the symptoms associated with diabetes.

Depending on the specifics of the situation, many scientists, doctors, and nutritionists now believe it’s possible to completely reverse diabetes and live a normal life, free from constant finger pricking and insulin injections.

The dietary shifts required to reverse diabetes are surprisingly easy to adjust to, and nearly all of the necessary ingredients are found easily in your local grocery store. Today, we want to discuss just a few of the best foods and spices that reverse diabetes, so let’s take a look at three of the top food groups you should concentrate on:

1. Don’t Go Green

Vegetables are obviously some of the healthiest foods you can choose to eat, diabetic or otherwise. But leafy greens can have a negative effect on the glucose in your bloodstream, and may cause more harm than good.

So when you’re selecting your veggies at the supermarket, stay away from those greens your mother encouraged you to eat as a kid. Go instead for things like garlic, cumin, peppers, mushrooms, and onions. These foods are rich in fiber, and they tend to have a net neutral effect on your blood sugar.

2. Go Nuts

If you’re looking to both reverse diabetes and lower your risk of health problems associated with the disease, seeds and nuts are among the most beneficial foods and spices you can eat. Not only do nuts and seeds tend to promote fat loss, they also boast an anti-inflammatory effect which decreases the likelihood of developing a resistance to insulin over time.

Several studies show the regular, daily ingestion of nuts and seeds can decrease your risk of getting diabetes by about 30%. Additional studies indicate the regular consumption of seeds and nuts decreases the risk of heart disease in diabetes sufferers by nearly 50%.

3. Beans For All Occasions

Beans (legumes and lentils) are nature’s cure for a number of ailments. They promote weight loss by decreasing the body’s ability to absorb calories, and recent studies indicate they play a significant role in protecting the body from various types of cancers, especially cancer of the colon.

Beans decrease an individual’s risk of contracting diabetes in the first place, and they are extremely high in both fiber and resistant starch.

What To Do When You Suddenly Realize, “I Need A Girlfriend”

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Aug 252015

Man Hanging Out With His GirlfriendThroughout their hedonistic twenties, most men have little thought of getting into a long-term relationship. Whether they dream of living the “James Bond” lifestyle or simply aren’t ready to get their life together, most men in this age group aren’t looking for a serious commitment. Then, their thirties hit and they suddenly realize, “I need a girlfriend.”

But there are a lot of good reasons for settling into a long-term relationship while you’re still in your twenties. For one thing, life can be a lot cheaper when there are two of you sharing costs. Gas, food, hotel bills, and lots of other expenses can be a lot to handle on your own. Together, they’re much more manageable.

Of course, money isn’t the real reason why people settle down. There’s a lot to be said for having a stable partner who is always there for you. Life’s ups and downs seem much less harsh when you have someone to share them with. And building a life with someone else is good motivation to actually achieve something worthwhile.

But how do you actually get a girlfriend? You may be quite experienced when it comes to dating, but how do you attract a girl you actually want to spend years or even the rest of your life with? I know a lot of guys who use the Girlfriend Activation System to shortcut their way to dating incredible women. It works extremely well. Go check it out if you haven’t already.

When it comes right down to it, the best way to attract the right lady is to be attractive yourself. But besides good looks, what do women looking for a boyfriend really find attractive in a man?

Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately) everyone is different, and the answer changes from woman to woman. But here are some characteristics that are attractive to most women:

Be Romantic

While this may be an obvious point, it is one of the characteristics that makes a difference between a guy who is serious about a relationship and someone who’s just “playing the field.” If you really want to build a long-term relationship, you need to be capable of showing your lady how you really feel about her. Being romantic is one way to show appreciation.

Be Confident

According to Andrea Madison of, confidence is extremely important, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s hard for a woman, or anyone else, to feel like they can rely on you if you don’t have confidence in yourself. A confident person doesn’t worry about small things and doesn’t need anyone else’s approval.

Bring Out Your Creative Side

While not everyone is an artistic genius, most of us have some creative talent or skill. When women think about settling down with a man, they want someone who can keep them happy and interested. A creative skill can help make your life together more interesting.

Be Ambitious

In an article for, Patricia Hamcastle talks about how it’s important to be ambitious. Ambition differs from confidence as it’s directed towards accomplishment. Pure confidence without direction is one step removed from arrogance.

Ambition is the force that drives us to test ourselves and accomplish big things. An ambitious man isn’t going to settle for second best in life, and a lady can be confident that her quality of life will improve when she is with him.

But ambition must be tempered. Blind ambition, that sacrifices everything else in order to accomplish a goal, is not attractive.

Get Your Life Together

If you’re in your twenties and thinking about settling down with a serious girlfriend (maybe for the first time), then you probably have some other parts of your life that aren’t as organized as they should be. Things like pensions and savings accounts can be deathly boring, but they do make for a more stable life. If a woman is going to get into a stable relationship with you, she needs to know that your life together will be stable and secure.

If you’ve decided “I need a girlfriend,” then well done. Use the tips above to become more attractive to women, and you’ll find it much easier to attract an incredible girlfriend.

Getting Back Together With Your Ex and Making It Work

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Jul 072015

Getting back together with your ex and making it work can be a challenge, especially if the breakup was their idea. So what strategies and steps will give you the highest chance of success?

There are several different options you can employ, but keep in mind these can take some work and patience on your part. The good news is several of the techniques give you a chance to restore your relationship for the long haul.

With that end in mind, let’s explore some of the best ways to rebuild a solid foundation and make it more likely your relationship will last the second time around.

Determine The Reasons

man and woman reunited after a breakupWhile this sounds rather negative, determining why your relationship failed is an important first step to getting back together. Your ex likely gave you a reason for calling it quits, but unfortunately the reason they give isn’t always the REAL reason.

If you cheated, the reason for the breakup is pretty obvious. However, if your ex seemed fine yesterday, but woke up today and wanted to breakup, then it may take some more work to figure out exactly what went wrong. Regardless, you’ll need to have the reason for the breakup clearly in mind, so you know what needs to change to make things work the second time around.

Though you can try to make your ex jealous in an attempt to rekindle their feelings, this approach is really only suited for more casual relationships. In contrast, if you want to rebuild a real and solid relationship with your ex, there will be some work involved. According to Ask Men, one of the best ways to create a viable second chance is to address the issues that drove your ex away in the first place.

What does this process involve? You’ll need to really listen to your ex, understand his/her feelings and concerns, and address those problems head-on. Common issues include poor communication, lack of maturity, too much flirting with the opposite sex, and commitment issues.

If your ex won’t talk to you in person, texting can help open the lines of communication. Even if your ex doesn’t respond to your texts, they will most likely still be read. Just texting random messages with no purpose won’t help, so if you aren’t sure what to say, stick to the type of text messages that relationship coach Michael Fiore teaches in his Text Your Ex Back program.

Give Yourself Some Time

Once you’ve identified the problem areas in your relationship, it’s time to make some changes. Getting back together with your ex and making it work doesn’t happen overnight. The fact you are also dealing with the blow of your breakup will make it more difficult. Therefore, it is important to take some time to get your bearings once again.

Why is this important?

Put simply, if you immediately start angling to get back together, your frame of mind might not be in the right emotional state. Psychology Today echoes this sentiment, saying that you should wait until you’re in a position of strength to reconnect with your ex. In this way, you avoid seeming needy – as you don’t want to come hat in hand, pleading for reconciliation.

Instead, you want to show your ex the person they fell in love with in the first place. To do so, you need to allow enough time to refocus, rebuild your confidence, and work on correcting the issues your ex identified as being problems in the past.

Open The Lines Of Communication

Once you are ready, it is time to show your ex that you really are the right person for them. Obviously, it will be impossible to demonstrate to your ex that you’ve changed, if you have no interaction or communication of any kind.

Fortunately, opening up the lines of communication can be as simple as talking to mutual friends about changes you’ve made in your life. This information will eventually filter down to your ex, and it may pique their interest in you as a partner once more.

However, you may prefer to take a more direct approach by asking your ex to meet with you. Here it is vital that you keep the tone light and cordial, and try to avoid a serious mood.

In fact, you should schedule your get-together during the day, so it’s not confused as a date. You don’t want any romantic overtones to your meeting, and it should not be seen as an attempt to win them back. Instead, this is your time to show them that you’ve corrected the problems that caused you to break up.

Consider Counseling

For a long-term relationship that you’re committed to salvaging, you may want to consider counseling. You and your ex can attend sessions on your own, but according to Psychology Today, it is important that you share the same therapist. However, you should seriously consider going to some sessions together, as this can truly help you work through your issues.

This type of approach is appropriate for a marriage you’re trying to save, or an ex that you want to spend your life with.

Why is this necessary?

Change can be difficult, and people often have a blind spot when it comes to their own faults. Therefore, rectifying your failures and truly transforming the areas that your ex has identified as being problems may require professional help.

Strategies For Reconciliation

These strategies can give you the tools you need to reconcile and rebuild your relationship on solid footing. If you want to get back together with your ex and make it work, producing real change is the best way to show your commitment.

This process involves taking some time to regain your bearings, determining the reasons your relationship failed, and making the necessary adjustments to restore it once more. Be sure to open the lines of communications with your ex, so you can demonstrate the steps you are taking to win them back.

Also, counseling can be a wonderful tool, giving you an outside perspective that may help to repair your relationship in a significant way.

If these steps allow you to reconcile, it is important not to bring up the past once you’re back together. The goal is to build a NEW relationship and a hopeful future.

Finally, continued counseling can be an excellent choice to ensure you don’t fall back into old patterns. If all goes well, the end result is a successful reconciliation and the second chance you so desperately want.

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