Nov 142016

Ladies Think You're Good In Bed? This Might Change Your Mind

I want to ask you a question today.  It’s a little weird, but VERY important.

It’s a question Cassidy Lyon asked me when she was running surveys for research on her new Stroke of Genius (SOG) program (learn more about SOG at

Here’s exactly what she asked me:

“If you could be a fly on the wall and hear every guy you’ve ever slept with HONESTLY rate how you were in bed, would you want to hear it?”

Yikes!  I dunno.  I mean I’m already pretty self-conscious about all that stuff as it is.  I try to be REALLY good and I’ve had plenty of compliments from the men I’ve been with, but to get their HONEST feedback.  That’s a lot scarier because I already know guys lie about that stuff a lot.

I followed up with Cassidy and she brought up this concept of “Illusory Superiority”.

Basically what that means is people tend to overestimate their abilities in things they really aren’t that great at (which totally made her original question even more terrifying!).

Cassidy cited a study where people were asked about their driving skills and 93% of them rated their driving skills as “above average”.  We already know that CAN’T be true because statistically speaking if 50% is average than only 49% of people can actually be above-average drivers because the other half would be below-average drivers.  Know what I’m saying?

It definitely proves her point though: humans often think they are better at things than they really are.

And that’s exactly what Cassidy found when she interviewed men and women about a certain “sexual skill”.  She found that woman after woman GROSSLY overestimated her ability to give a man pleasure in this certain way – a way many men say they would rather be with a woman who knew how to do THIS than with a sex pot “supermodel” who didn’t.

You can find out what that one sexual skill is by watching the video over at Cassidy’s website.

It’s pretty crazy because the video starts off with one of the most incredible, horrifying, and embarrassing stories I’ve ever heard a woman tell in public and ends with Cassidy changing the lives of thousands and thousands of women and men!

Totally worth checking out!

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